What is the Gathering?

New Year’s Gathering is an annual Quaker gathering to welcome the new year with worship and community. The Gathering lasts five nights and alternates between being held in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Western Young Friends was founded in 1975 by young people from Pacific and North Pacific Yearly Meetings. While there is no formal tie to other Quaker bodies, WYF has many participants who are members, attenders, or former children of monthly meetings. The WYF New Year's Gathering is multi-generational, and open to all ages.

All participants share the work of the Gathering, including meal preparation, childcare, and workshop facilitation. WYF conducts enough business to care for each other during the Gathering, create an epistle, and ensure the planning of the next Gathering.

Interest Groups

Each year, we have workshops or interest groups led by participants of the Gathering. Anyone can lead an interest group, so start thinking about ideas. Some examples of previous workshops and interest groups are: harm reduction, environmental concerns, peaceful economics, Quaker process, dance, tarot, nature walks, Tai Chi, sign language, massage, and various aspects of spirituality.

When is the Gathering?

Gathering starts with dinner on the 28th of December and ends after breakfast on the 2nd of January.

What to bring

Come prepared for rain and chilly weather with a warm sleeping bag, boots, warm clothing, raingear, flashlight, pillow, and your favorite cold remedies. Please observe camp policy not to bring or use drugs or alcohol. Bring musical instruments, CDs, art materials, your heart, and anything else to share. Pre-teen kids are welcome at half price; childcare will be provided, as all who attend the Gathering participate in cooking, clean-up and childcare.

Common Questions

Where is the Gathering and how can I get there?
See the travel page.
How do I register?
Use our online registration form.
How much does it cost? How do I pay?
See our payment page.
If I have another question, whom should I ask?
See our contact page.


2021–2022 Gathering

Based on data we received from the planning survey, we have decided to move forward with smaller, more localized gatherings for December 30th-January 2nd. We hope to be able to offer four locations: Seattle, Portland, Santa Rosa, and another California location TBD.

If you'd like to attend, please fill out this Google Form, by December 15th if possible!